1. 1Q. Home page in 1008jobs.com?
    • Home page is the First Look of 1008jobs.com. It portraits latest jobs in Internship. It also has options to search for jobs in different ways like keyword search and Location wise search. It also facilitates a user to register with 1008jobs.com as Job seeker/Job provider.
  2. 2Q. Register as Job seeker?
    • Click on Register menu in the Home page. Click on Job Seeker Icon -> A Job Seeker registration page will be displayed -> Fill in all the mandatory fields -> Click on Register button -> Confirmation mail will be sent to registered mail ID.
  3. 3Q. Why register as Job Seeker in 1008jobs.com?
    • By registering with 1008jobs.com, system will allows us to know about you and it will helps you to get your Dream Job. Creating a log in on our system, it allows you to search job and apply for the roles you search. This means that we can identify your application details easily and make sure that we keep track of you as you go through the application process. You can even search for the job without registering and once you want to apply then you can register and apply.
      For more details Click here
  4. 4Q. Register as Job Provider?
    • To register as a Job Provider in 1008jobs.com, Fill in all the company related details which includes Billing address, Number of employees working in the company and fill login details. You can also add secondary contact person while registering. After registering you will get an OTP code to the registered mail ID. Enter the OTP code. To activate it will take a maximum of 48 hours.
      For more details Click here
  5. 5Q. Search in 1008jobs.com?
    • Go to internship home page. You will get to see two text fields ie. keyword and city/location respectively. Keen in your required search and click on search button. Successful submission of search will lead you to the search result page where you can see the list of jobs, which are filtered based on the search criteria.
  6. 6Q. My Avatar+ in 1008jobs.com?
    • This is a new feature, intent of providing the job seeker with the provision of applying a job on his/her absence. Nominated Avatar can register as My Avatar+ on the job portal and apply jobs on behalf of the job seeker.
  7. 7Q. Apply as My Avatar+ in 1008jobs.com?
    • This option allows Avatar to apply jobs on behalf of the Job Seeker. Before applying as an avatar, one has to register as an Avatar for Job Seeker in 1008job.com.
  8. 8Q. Save jobs in 1008jobs.com?
    • We have come up with a simple and useful option. Before registering, you can search and save the jobs. These saved jobs can be applied later by registering in the 1008jobs portal. Thus ensuring the availability of particular job criteria and saving your time.
  9. 9Q. Login through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+?
    • Job Seeker can sign in to 1008jobs.com by using his/her Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ login. We use profile data returned from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ login instead of having you manually entering all details. This ease a way to register in 1008jobs.com.
  10. 10Q. Moderator in 1008jobs.com?
    • Moderator basic work is to approve or reject companies, posted jobs, job roles, testimonials and uploaded profile photos/audio/video.
  11. 11Q. Can't view some features in portal?
    • It is necessary to use one of the following computer configurations:
      With Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8 are supported as well as Firefox 3.5
      With Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8 are supported as well as Firefox 3.5
      With Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 is supported as well as Firefox 3.5
      With Mac OS X 10.4 and above, Safari 3.x and Firefox 3.5 may work most of the time but not necessarily always. Try one of the configurations above if Mac is an issue.
      You must deactivate any firewall or security system on your computer such as Norton, Symantec or McAfee as well as other software products that are known to interfere with the online application such as toolbars, etc...
      Enable your pop-ups.
      To prevent you from being timed out, make sure you are spending less than 10 minutes on any given page.
      Try deleting the cookies and temporary internet files in the Tools > Internet Options menu of Internet Explorer.
      Enable your cookies.
      For all other issues, not mentioned please mail to support@1008jobs.com
  12. 12Q. Can I cancel my application/Profile?
    • No sorry, once you have made an application through the system you can't cancel it. However if your circumstances change and you no longer want to apply for a particular role please contact the Administrator.